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Conference presentation

Conference Presentation Date Place
11th European Association for Gestalt
Therapy Conference
Contact as an awareness of prejudices –
on applying Gadamer’s hermeneutic
phenomenology to Gestalt large groups
20.09.2013 Kraków, Poland
Re-Vision Day Conference:
Remembering Homeland
‘To and from Ithaca: Towards the
Dialogue between Rootedness and
25.01.2014 Newport Pagnell, England
Association for Advancements of
Gestalt Therapy Biennial Conference
Using Large Experiential Groups in
Teaching Counselling and
September 2014 Asilomar,
European Association for Integrative
Psychotherapy 8th Biennial Conference
Self-Disclosures in Research and
Psychotherapy – EAIP
30th of May 2015 Bucharest,
Engaging Our Community – a UKAGP
Relational psychotherapy in prejudiced
society – body, sex, homophobia and
intimacy – UK Association for Gestalt
4th of July 2015 Nottingham
12th European Association for Gestalt
Therapy Conference, The Aesthetic of
Otherness: Meeting at the Boundary in
a Desensitized World
Meeting at the boundary in a prejudiced
world – body, sex, homophobia and
2016 Taormina
Voicing Experience: The 4th British
Conference of Autoethnography
Sexuality and the embodied relational
field – reflections on
autophenomenographic research in
AAGT Conference, Radical
Respect: Contemporary Gestalt Therapy in
Troubled Times
Smelling like my father – notes on
applying radical respect to embodied
2018 Toronto