GSRD Gestalt Therapy London

I have experience in working with diverse groups of people including gender, sexuality and relationship (GSRD Gestalt Therapy London).

As an outcome of many years of studies on gender, I published a book on sexuality and masculinity. I researched how therapy could be a place where sexuality could be freely discussed and various gender identities exercised with freedom and spontaneity. I delivered a number of trainings, webinars and articles on Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity. I strive to update my knowledge on issues related to gender and sexuality and to question my own gender and sexual embodiments in my private life.

As someone brought up in Poland, I appreciate the freedom and laws that support LGBTQI+ communities in the UK. Yet even with this freedom, there are enduring prejudices aimed at making the lives of LGBTQI+ people difficult. I want to create a space that addressed these prejudices and offers transformative experiences.