“It’s not the use of the body … The point is to be a body”

Laura Perls

I believe that our psychology is embodied and that our feelings have an impact on our bodies as do our bodies on our feelings. Current research in neuropsychology has proven that feelings are processed bodily and this is one of the reasons why I find it important to focus on body sensations and experiences in therapy and supervision.

I treat each person who comes to see me individually so this may take various forms. It does however include an invitation to pay attention to how we experience certain feelings or situations within our bodies. We are not usually encouraged to pause and attend to ourselves within our bodies and yet this approach can bring important insights.

In addition to this I focus on how we have developed certain themes of feelings and embodiments in our lives, for example, a person who was bullied at school may keep his or her head down. This is not an invitation to correct the person’s posture but to attend to the feelings related to what happened. This may or may not then lead to changes in the way people who come to see me position their bodies, breathe or look around.