I have moved to London from Poland because of the diversity it offered. It was then, almost 20 years ago, that I realised that good intentions are not enough, and I needed to update my knowledge of race, discrimination, slavery and postcolonialism. Not only, I realised I was white, an identity I did not give much thought to before, but also that I have the capacity to reenact racialised traumas through my lack of awareness.

Working at that time in mental health, I started to work as a community development coordinator through Delivery Race Equality in Mental Health Care. In 2010, I trained with Peter Ferns & Premila Trivedi to become a Race Equality Cultural Capability Trainer. I delivered workshops and trainings on racism in psychiatric and social care services. My awareness of my own identities was further deepened through my personal work in large groups (groups of over a hundred people working together on societal issues). In 2018, I organised the annual British Gestalt Journal Seminar Day on Anti-Black Racism that generated a good and productive discussion amongst Gestalt therapists on how Gestalt Therapy may support antiracism.

When working with the impact of racism on everyone (including white people), I focus on the experiences of identity and trauma. In our lives and transgenerationally, we have been impacted and divided, so undoing racism is an ongoing, important and sometimes overwhelming job.