Gestalt Therapy was created seventy years ago as a psychotherapeutic method that takes into perspective the holistic view of a person and their situation. This type of psychotherapy is offered to both people who experience serious mental health struggles as well as those who need support.

The therapist aims to create an environment where the client’s difficulties can be safely explored through dialogue, exploration of bodily sensations, analysis of the therapeutic relationship and creativity.

The client is not seen as deficient or lacking ability, but as someone who adapted in the best possible way to the situation. Often it is that situation that needs to be changed to reduce the emotional suffering.

Malcolm Parlett encapsulated Gestalt therapy in five keywords:
• responding to the situation – looking at our response-ability to the situation and how we can find support
interrelating – how we relate to others and ourselves,
embodying – what we experience through the body,
• self-recognising – how can we be more aware of ourselves and the situation?
• experimenting – how we can liberate ourselves from patterns that inhibit us and have more freedom and spontaneity.