Publications and research


Kincel, A. (2021). Exploring Sexuality, Masculinity and Culture: An Autoethnography. Routledge.

Articles and book chapters

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Conference presentation

  • 11th European Association for Gestalt Therapy Conference

Contact as an awareness of prejudices – on applying Gadamer’s hermeneutic phenomenology to Gestalt large groups, 20.09.2013, Kraków, Poland

  • Re-Vision Day Conference: Remembering Homeland

‘To and from Ithaca: Towards the Dialogue between Rootedness and Unsettling’, 25.01.2014, Newport Pagnell, England

  • Association for Advancements of Gestalt Therapy Biennial Conference 2014

Using Large Experiential Groups in Teaching Counselling and Psychotherapy, September 2014, Asilomar, California

  • European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy 8th Biennial Conference

Self-Disclosures in Research and Psychotherapy – EAIP, 30th of May 2015, Bucharest, Romania

  • Engaging Our Community – a UKAGP conference

Relational psychotherapy in prejudiced society – body, sex, homophobia and intimacy – UK Association for Gestalt Practitioners, Nottingham, 4th of July 2015

  • 12th European Association for Gestalt Therapy Conference, The Aesthetic of Otherness: Meeting at the Boundary in a Desensitized World, Taormina 2016

Meeting at the boundary in a prejudiced world – body, sex, homophobia and intimacy

  •  Voicing Experience: The 4th British Conference of Autoethnography, 2017

Sexuality and the embodied relational field – reflections on autophenomenographic research in psychotherapy

  • AAGT Conference, Radical Respect: Contemporary Gestalt Therapy in Troubled Times, Toronto 2018

Smelling like my father – notes on applying radical respect to embodied masculinities